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Hope Village is Seeking Volunteers for Board and Advisory Committee

Hope Village is currently in pre-development stage as we plan for the construction of our intentional intergenerational community. As we search out, purchase and develop our own property, we are actively seeking volunteers for our Hope for the Future Development Advisory Committee and Governing Board. At this time, we are specifically in need of volunteers with the following professional backgrounds: construction, real estate, development, intergenerational communities, business and finance. Please contact Hope Village at to get involved in this worthwhile and life changing project.


Are you ready to help us change the world,                    one child at a time?                     

Hope Village is in pre-development stage, working to create a unique multigenerational community for adoptive families of Arizona’s foster children and active seniors who provide love, support and experience to the families and children. Our pilot phase at Escobedo was a great success and a wonderful learning experience to launch us into our next phase of development.

Hope Village is an excellent environment for a person who loves to “get involved”.  Hope Village is a “Hope Inspired” community, working to create our own community modeled after several around the country.

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Hope Village Arizona residents will consist of adoptive children who seek permanency, adoptive parents who want to become “forever” parents and active older adults who will mentor and support these families to ensure their long-term success.  This model has already been proved to be successful in many areas around the country, including Bridge Meadows in Portland, Oregon.

With your help we can create a lasting difference in the lives of foster children, while helping to end the foster care crisis here in Arizona.


Hope Village is Seeking Active Seniors and Foster Families

Hope Village is beginning recruitment for its volunteer match program GIFT (Grandparents Inspiring Foster Families in Transition). The mission of Hope Village is to provide a community where foster children thrive in a forever family supported by active seniors to ensure families’ long-term success.Through the GIFT program active seniors and foster families will work together to ensure the success of Arizona’s foster children and families working to transition out of foster care and in to adoption. Interested in joining us? Fill out and email or mail the application below. You will then be notified to attend an informational meet and greet.



NPR Media Piece on Intergenerational Communities

This piece by NPR spotlights an intergenerational community similar to what Hope Village aspires to be. Take a listen and contact us if you would like to be a part of building Hope Village here in Arizona.  We are currently fundraising for our own property to run this very important program.